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JS Alternator Testimonials

This thing works GREAT!!! I’m glad I chose to do business with your company.. Your PRODUCT is top notch and the same goes for your customer service! THANK YOU for all your help from getting me the right alternator to answering a few technical questions I had.. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK – Michael Melissa Crum

“Outstanding – high quality, high amperage alternators with equally impressive warranty and customer service. I have no reason to look elsewhere. JS for the Win!”
Robert Bo G.

“I have ran JS Alts for 4 years, they are very dependable strong Alts! I’ve broken several world records and won several world championships with them! Customer service is excellent also!”
Joe P.

“JS has been great!! They deliver fast build time, quick shipping, and great customer service. I will be a lifelong JS customer, that’s for sure! ”
Austin S.

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Getting Grounded

JS Alternators Testimonials

Getting Grounded

By Steve Turrisi – Director of Training and Technical Services

JL Audio Inc.

Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!! Why is it that after more than 20 years in this industry we still have to train on this?! 🙂

Why is it that one of the simplest issues remains confusing to so many of us?!

Why can’t we get past basic things and on to cooler, more fun things, like watching paint dry?!

What could possibly be so basic and so misunderstood to elicit such a strong position? You might think it is “how do I find the right speaker wires to tap into?” or “what is the best subwoofer for my car?”. No, sadly, those topics are far more complicated than the one that has me all upset (again).

“There ought to be a law”

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JsAlternators High Output Alternators FAQ

JS Alternators High Output Alternator

Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome, we hope to provide quick, DIY solutions to any problem you may be experiencing. This section also seeks to provide quick answers for any inquiries you might have. We of course have full confidence in our products; we would however like to ensure that our clients have the right guidance on installation as this will save them from any difficulty.

Ensure you disconnect your battery first before attempting to work on the electrical system of your vehicle.

How long will it take before my order ships:
Orders ship within 5 to 10 business days sometimes sooner. If for some reason parts are on back order, we will notify you, but this is not common.

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High Output Alternator Installation

JS Alternator Red Engine

High Amp Alternator Installation Manual
Safety tips:
-Wear eye protection
-Remove jewelry or any loose items
-Allow car to fully cool before starting installation

Steps to installing alternator:
*Batteries must be fully charged before installation.
1. Make sure vehicle is off and engine is cool.
2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery/batteries.
3. Disconnect all other wiring from the alternator.
4. Remove the belt (note the belt routing before removing).
5. Remove the bracket bolts and original alternator.
6. Mount the new alternator. In general, the original bolts will be used.
7. Inspect he belt and replace if there are any signs of wear. We suggest you replace the belt with a .5 to 1-inch shorter belt when installing a high output alternator. Install the belt.
Make sure routing is correct and the belt is aligned to all pulley grooves.

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