At Js Alternators, we employ cutting edge alternator technology. Each alternator is bench tested to meet and exceed specifications and are true “hot rated” amperages. Ratings are based off of 6000 RPM rotor speed which is equivalent to 2000 RPM engine speed. Idle ratings are based at 600 RPM engine speed (Rotor speed divided by three equals engine rpm).Our 6 phase hairpin alternators are significantly more efficient than conventional alternators. They're built with hairpin stators which provide remarkable output at low engine RPM and achieve full output at 1800 RPMs. We use dual rectifier plates with high amp diodes which dissipates heat more efficiently, high amp rotors for a wider output curve, and premium bearings that allow rotor speeds in excess of 20,000 RPMs. Hairpin alternators operate at much cooler temperatures for superior durability and longevity. As seen in our bench test videos below, each alternator exceeds its ratings, operating with superior technology.

320amp bench test 240amp bench test 300amp bench test https://www.facebook.com/JsAlternators/videos/1382648048457968/ 350amp Clamp test Nissan Infiniti 300amp 370amp Bench Test

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