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Installation Instructions


High Amp Alternator Installation Manual
Safety tips:
-Wear eye protection
-Remove jewelry or any loose items
-Allow car to fully cool before starting installation

Steps to installing alternator:
*Batteries must be fully charged before installation.
1. Make sure vehicle is off and engine is cool.
2. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery/batteries.
3. Disconnect all other wiring from the alternator.
4. Remove the belt (note the belt routing before removing).
5. Remove the bracket bolts and original alternator.
6. Mount the new alternator. In general, the original bolts will be used.
7. Inspect he belt and replace if there are any signs of wear. We suggest you replace the belt with a .5 to 1-inch shorter belt when installing a high output alternator. Install the belt.
Make sure routing is correct and the belt is aligned to all pulley grooves.

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The Big Three Wiring Upgrade

Big3 Upgrade

Do I need the Big Three Wiring Upgrade?
Wondering what the Big Three Wiring Upgrade is and why you’d need it?

In a previous article, we discussed some of the undesirable effects low voltage can cause, like headlight dimming and how to determine that voltage is the culprit.

Your car is made to efficiently utilize its stock electrical charging system. The factory wiring in your car is no different. It will provide sufficient current for the electrical components in the car.

Adding a high-powered amplifier to that electrical load can put a strain on your charging system. Your stock system may not be able to keep up with the amplifier’s power demands.

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