About Us

Here at Js Alternators, we take pride in our work. We are a first-class manufacturer of top quality alternators. Since 2013, we have delivered premium alternators ranging from 240 to 390+ amps to our clients, always tailoring our service to meet and exceed expectation.

Our Style
Our fulfillment is drawn from our customer’s satisfaction! We deliver exceptional products with top priority and expertise! This is why we spend sufficient resources and time in ensuring that what we deliver serves you exceptionally, and for this, we have received much praise. We sell high output performance alternators and also carry out upgrades on existing ones in the areas of their durability and performance. We approach each task with careful consideration and undivided attention – delivering the best professional service, always!

Our Team
JS Alternators is a product of the incredibly skilled and professional team that works behind the scenes. Our staff members are the best at what they do, all of them having meaningful training and certification. They are top-of-the-line experts who are able to not only avail you with the right alternator but guide you patiently in all the knowledge you need.

Our Promise
We promise to give you only the best service, avail you with the best alternators and treat you in the best way possible. Our creed is found in meeting the need of our clients and exceeding their expectations via inimitably flawless services. We have the experience, and resources to come through on all our promises to you.