The Chrysler charging system is slightly different from the other systems. Chrysler has used three different charging system designs over the past few years: local interconnect network (LIN), analog controls (used only with 1.4L engines), and their most popular system, which is PCM controlled. Most Chrysler alternators don’t typically contain a regulator, the exception being the analog-controlled application. Chrysler controls the alternator externally. A PCM controls the field current. The voltage regulator electronics are housed within the PCM. The PCM will typically receive a battery voltage input on two circuits: one from the alternator B+ sense circuit (Kelvin sense) and one from the totally integrated power module (TIPM). Chrysler may control one or both sides of the field (power and ground). The field current flow will vary based on electrical demand, battery state of charge, and engine RPM. Unlike some other manufacturers, unplugging a Chrysler alternator will result in zero output. Two types of field control are available with a Chrysler system: A circuit controls and B circuit controls. A Circuit Control — controls the power to the field. It may accomplish this through the shutdown relay or it may be a direct input from the PCM to the alternator field. The PCM controls the second field terminal, which controls the field ground. B Circuit Control — introduced in 2008. One field pin grounds internally within the alternator, while the PCM controls the other pin. Because this type of system grounds through the alternator case, mounting to the engine is critical for proper operation. The PCM senses the battery voltage via terminal B, also referred to as Kelvin sense. The PCM controls a PWM signal to the field (F terminal) to control the field strength and alternator output. Your #1 Source for High Output Alternators. Please give us a call/text 864-568-6751

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