Enhance Your Car Audio With The Big 3 Wiring Upgrade And A High Output Alternator

Enhance Your Car Audio With The Big 3 Wiring Upgrade And A High Output Alternator

You may be skeptical about the benefits of upgrading your car's audio system, but let me paint you a picture. Imagine cruising down the highway with crystal-clear sound and thumping bass, making every drive feel like a concert experience.

If you’re ready to take your car audio to the next level, the Big Three wiring upgrade and a high output alternator are essential upgrades to consider.

The Big Three wiring upgrade involves replacing or upgrading three critical wires in your vehicle’s electrical system: the battery ground wire, engine block ground wire, and alternator power wire. Doing so will improve electrical conductivity, reduce voltage drop and increase current flow efficiency.

Adding a high-output alternator will ensure that your upgraded electrical system has enough juice to power all your new components without putting undue strain on your car’s battery or other systems.

Together, these upgrades can significantly enhance the performance and quality of your car's audio system.

Introduction: Understanding The Big 3 Wiring Upgrade

If you love to blast music in your car, you’ve likely experienced issues like headlight dimming or voltage drops. These issues occur when the electrical load from a powerful amplifier causes strain on your vehicle’s charging system.

Many car audio enthusiasts approach the Big 3 Wiring Upgrade to address this problem. The Big 3 Wiring Upgrade involves upgrading three crucial wires in your vehicle’s electrical system: the ground wire between the battery and chassis, the positive wire between the alternator and battery, and the negative wire between the engine block and chassis.

Along with adding a high-output alternator, these upgrades enhance your car audio by providing sufficient power for amplifiers while reducing stress on your vehicle’s charging system.

The Importance Of Upgrading Your Vehicle’s Electrical System

Upgrading your vehicle’s electrical system is crucial for enhancing the performance of your car's audio. The factory wiring and charging systems are designed to meet basic requirements, but they can quickly become overwhelmed when you add high-powered amplifiers or other aftermarket electronics. This leads to issues like headlight dimming, voltage drops, and even damage to your battery or alternator.

To improve the efficiency of your car’s electrical system, two essential upgrades include a high-output alternator and a Big 3 Wiring Upgrade. A higher output alternator provides more power to your battery, allowing it to charge faster and maintain optimal voltage levels even under heavy loads.

On the other hand, a Big 3 Upgrade replaces three essential wires in your car’s electrical system – the battery ground wire, engine block ground wire, and positive alternator wire – with larger gauge cables that reduce resistance and improve overall flow.

Here are four reasons why upgrading your vehicle’s electrical system is worth considering:

  • Improved sound quality: Upgraded wiring reduces noise interference from other electronic components.

  • Better fuel economy: Reduced strain on the charging system means improved gas mileage.

  • Longer lifespan for electronics: More consistent current flow helps prevent premature failure of sensitive electronic components.

  • Increased resale value: An upgraded electrical system adds value to your vehicle if you sell it later.

By investing in upgrades like a high output alternator and Big 3 Wiring Upgrade, you’ll enjoy better performance from your car audio equipment while protecting against costly repairs down the road.

When To Install The Big 3 Wiring Upgrade

Knowing when to install the Big 3 wiring upgrade is essential to upgrade your car's electrical system.

This upgrade involves replacing three critical wires in your vehicle’s charging and starting systems: the battery ground wire, alternator power wire, and engine block ground wire.

Ideally, it would be best to consider installing the Big 3 wiring upgrade before adding a high-output alternator, second battery, or capacitors.

The reason for this is simple - these upgrades will place additional demands on your vehicle’s electrical system, which may not be able to handle without the proper wiring upgrades.

Upgrading these essential wires with larger gauge cables that can carry more current flow will ensure that voltage drops and headlight dimming become things of the past.

So if you want optimal performance from your car audio system and other electrical accessories, invest in a Big 3 wiring upgrade alongside any further modifications you have planned for your ride.

Key Components Of The Big 3 Wiring Upgrade

Now that you know when to install the Big 3 Wiring Upgrade, it’s time to look closely at its key components.

As mentioned earlier, this upgrade involves replacing three necessary wires in your car’s electrical system with larger-gauge wires: the positive wire from the battery to the alternator, the ground wire from the battery to the chassis, and the ground wire from the engine block to the chassis.

But why is this necessary? Adding more powerful aftermarket components like amplifiers and subwoofers to your audio car system will demand your vehicle’s electrical system more. A high-output alternator can help meet these increased power needs by generating more electricity for your car.

Here are three other critical components of a Big 3 Wiring Upgrade:

  • Battery terminals: Upgrading to high-quality battery terminals will improve conductivity and ensure better power transmission between your battery and wiring.

  • Fuse holder: Adding a fuse holder in line with each upgraded wire provides additional protection against shorts or overload damage.

  • Wire loom: Using a protective sleeve around your newly installed wires will prevent abrasion and wear over time.

By upgrading these essential parts of your vehicle’s electrical system and doing a Big 3 Wiring Upgrade, you can enjoy higher-quality sound without worrying about damaging any part of your car.

Materials Needed For The Big 3 Upgrade

Imagine cruising down the highway with your favorite tunes blasting from high-quality speakers. Suddenly, you notice a dip in sound quality and realize that your car’s electrical system can’t keep up with your amp's demand.

That’s where the Big 3 upgrade and high output alternator come into play.

To perform this essential wiring upgrade, you’ll need some critical materials. First, a high-capacity power cable (lengths may vary) must handle increased electrical flow to your audio system. You’ll also need heat shrink matched to your AWG, ring terminals/lugs that fit the cable, two terminals that include battery posts, wire cutters, plastic cable ties for organization purposes, soldering iron or torch, hydraulic crimpers for secure connections, a heat gun for sealing the heat shrink tubing properly and finally a wrench, screwdriver, and socket set for removing bolts on battery terminals and other components as needed.

With these tools, upgrading your car audio has never been easier!

Step-By-Step Guide To Installing The Big 3 Wiring Upgrade


First, let’s get the cables ready - you’ll need to strip the insulation off each end, then twist the strands together. Next, we’ll need to connect the wires - the battery to the alternator and the ground to the chassis. Finally, we can test the connections to ensure everything is secure and working correctly.

Preparing Cables

Properly preparing your cables is essential before diving into the Big 3 upgrade.

With this wiring upgrade, you want to ensure that your new cables are cut slightly longer than the stock wires to account for vibrations and routing bends.

Cap and crimp the ends of each wire before sealing them with heat shrink to protect against weather damage.

These steps will help guarantee that your car audio system performs optimally after completing the significant 3-wiring upgrade.

Connecting Cables

Now that your cables are ready, it’s time to connect them in the Big 3 upgrade.

Start by detaching the negative and positive connections from the battery terminal and any additional batteries or capacitors.

Connect the new cable for the negative grounding area and ensure a bare-metal-to-bare-metal connection for optimal performance.

Then, attach the alternator’s positive post to the battery’s positive terminal using a new cable. D disconnecting the stock wire before bolting the new one may be necessary.

Once everything is connected, test with a DMM and secure with zip ties every six inches.

With these steps complete, you’re one step closer to improving your car audio system and potentially reducing voltage drops if paired with a high-output alternator.

Testing Connections

Now that the new cables are securely connected, testing their performance with a DMM is time. This step is crucial in ensuring optimal output for your audio system and preventing any voltage drops or headlight dimming.

After testing, use zip ties every six inches to secure the wires to components that do not heat up or move.

Remember, this upgrade can be even more effective when paired with high-output alternators. So if you’re looking for an efficient solution at a reasonable cost, consider investing in SoundQubed Q-Zero Power-Ground Wire.

With these steps completed, your car audio system should perform better!

Conclusion: The Benefits Of The Big 3 Wiring Upgrade

Overall, the Big 3 Wiring Upgrade and a high output alternator can significantly enhance your audio experience by improving your vehicle's electrical system.

Upgrading your wiring with larger cables can reduce resistance and improve current flow to your amplifier, resulting in better sound quality and more consistent performance.

In addition, installing a high amp alternator will ensure that your system has enough power to operate at its full potential without putting additional strain on your battery or other components. This upgrade is significant for those who have added multiple amplifiers or other aftermarket accessories that require extra power.

Investing in the Big 3 Wiring Upgrade and a high-output alternator is an intelligent way to improve your car’s electrical system and enjoy a superior driving audio experience.

Benefits of the Big 3 Upgrade:

  • Reduces resistance
  • Improves current capacity

Benefits of High Amp Alternator:

  • Ensures adequate power supply
  • Reduces strain on the battery and other components
  • Allows for high-powered audio systems without risking damage to the electrical system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Upgrading The Big 3 Wiring?

What’s the cost of upgrading the extensive three-wiring?

This is a common question among car audio enthusiasts who want to improve their sound system performance.

JS Alternators Offers two different Big 3 Wiring Upgrade Kits for $99 or $139:  

Universal Big 3 Wiring Upgrade Kit

Polaris Slingshot Big 3 Wiring Upgrade Kit

Can The Big 3 Wiring Upgrade Be Installed On Any Vehicle?

When upgrading your vehicle’s wiring, one question often arises whether the Big 3 Wiring Upgrade can be installed on any car. The short answer is yes!

This upgrade involves replacing three critical cables in your electrical system with higher-quality wires, which can improve overall performance and prevent damage from high-powered audio systems or other aftermarket accessories.

Whether you drive a sedan, truck, or SUV, this upgrade is what you need to take your ride to the next level. After all, why settle for stock when you can have something better?

As they say, sometimes a little change can make a big difference - so why not try it today?

The recommended gauge wire for the Big 3 wiring upgrade depends on the vehicle's electrical requirements.

It is essential to consult with a professional or do thorough research to ensure that the correct size wire is used for optimal performance.

Without context, this question pertains specifically to the gauge of wire needed and does not relate to any particular product or service.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Installation Process?

The Big 3 Wiring Upgrade installation process can vary depending on a few factors. Generally, it takes one to two hours to complete the upgrade.

However, this time frame can be affected by several things, such as the skill level of the installer, the tools available, and the vehicle’s make and model.

Not rushing through the process is essential, as proper installation ensures optimal performance. Taking your time will help you avoid any mistakes or damage that could lead to costly repairs.


In conclusion, enhancing your car audio with the Big 3 Wiring Upgrade and a high-output alternator is an investment that can significantly improve your driving experience. While the cost of upgrading may vary depending on your vehicle type, it’s worth noting that this upgrade can be installed on any automobile.

Using at least 1/0 gauge wire for the Big 3 Wiring Upgrade is recommended to provide more power and improve performance.

The installation process usually takes about three hours but could take longer if done by someone who isn’t experienced in-car electronics.

If you’re confident enough to tackle this project, go ahead! However, if you’re unfamiliar with automotive electrical systems or don’t have sufficient knowledge and expertise in wiring upgrades, it’s best to hire a professional to do it for you.

Investing in the Big 3 Wiring Upgrade and a high output alternator can significantly enhance your driving listening experience. As they say, ‘A penny saved is a penny earned,’ so why not invest in something that will make every drive worthwhile?