YinLong Lithium Cells FAQ

This is a re-share on a write up previously made regarding these cells. With yinlong cells being so popular I figured it was worth a share again. 1. What can each bank handle? Each bank is rated for 4,000 watts on music. *All ratings are made with no input amperage* 2. What does each “bank” consist of? 6 cells in series equals 1 12v bank. Each bank can be charged from 13.8 to 16.1 safely. 3. What should I charge these to? We suggest you running these lithiums at 16.0 or less. Any higher will reduce lifespan. 4. Do I need a balancer for my bank? I definitely recommend a balancer. However, I break my banks apart every 3 months and let them sit in parallel over a day or 2 to balance back out and do not use a balancer. 5. Can I run these with other batteries? We suggest running Yinglong without any agms or lead acid batteries installed in line. Agms or other conventional type batteries tend to pull down the lithium and will reduce its output. 6. What type of size and wire should I use with a bank of Yinglongs? We suggest Atleast 1 2/0 OFC ground correctly installed from this bank to a suitable ground location. More than that is always preferred. CCA wire is not recommended. 7. How do I charge this bank? We recommend charging your lithium battery with a correct lithium charger. However, many charge these with a regular charger and have no issues. 8. Can I run a bank of Yinglongs with other lithium battieres? We do not suggest mixing lithium chemistries. 9. Do Yinglong banks run fine with ultracaps? Yes. Yinglongs run amazing with ultracaps, we’ve tested it and it’s beautiful. 10. When should I balance my yinglong cells? We recommend balancing before assembly. If not using a balancer, break them apart periodically to balance them all in parallel. However, a active balancer is much easier. 11. How do I connect these cells together to make a bank? 1/4” thick links or thicker are recommended for straps between cells. 12. What are the specs of these Yinglong banks? These are rated for 10c continuous. 30,000 rate cycle life. 13. What type of battery is this? Yinglongs are Lithium Titanite, They accept charge much faster than other lithiums on the market, and are extremely safe. 14. Can I run these under the hood? We do not recommend you run these under the hood, as they do not like heat. 15. Do these like being cold like my AGMs? No. Lithium actually does not perform as well in the cold. It has to do with the anode and the cathode and how they pass through. They will perform fine in it, just not as strong as they would in 50+ weather. 16. Can these replace a normal car battery? Yes, these can replace a normal car battery and can start a car no problem. 17. What type of wire should I use with them? We recommend 1/0 cable minimum. The more the better. 18. How do these make a battery? 6 cells wired in series (each cell having a 2.3 nominal charge) equals 13.8. Once in series, you will have a + on one side and a - on the other end. If the cells are fully charged and they are assembled correctly, you should see around 13.8 resting. YinLong Lithium

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