Boost Your Electrical System With A Big 3 Wiring Upgrade: A DIY Step-By-Step Installation Guide

Automobiles require an electrical system to function correctly. An essential aspect of this system is the Big Three wiring upgrade kit, which is a modification that can increase the charging efficiency and power delivery of the vehicle’s electrical components.

This article provides a detailed DIY step-by-step installation guide for those wishing to install their Big Three wiring upgrade kit. It outlines what materials are required, how to disconnect existing wiring from the battery safely, and how to connect new wires according to manufacturer specifications.

Automotive Charging Systems Basics

To understand the importance of a Big Three wiring upgrade, it is helpful to understand automotive charging systems.

An automobile’s alternator supplies power to charge the battery and runs accessories like headlights, radio, and wipers. A high-output alternator will deliver more current, which can help support all of these functions and any additional audio equipment the user adds.

The electrical system also includes a ground-to-chassis wire that connects the battery's negative terminal with the car's frame or chassis. This helps ensure there is no potential difference between the two points on the vehicle so that electricity doesn’t build up and cause issues such as corrosion or blown fuses.

Upgrading this wire and supplying current from your alternator are integral steps when installing a big three-wiring kit for mobile audio systems.

The Big 3 Wiring Upgrade Kit - The Included Wires and Installation Instructions

The Big Three wiring upgrade kit is a great way to increase the electrical performance of any vehicle. This process involves replacing the factory ground wires with larger gauge wires and running an additional power wire from the alternator to the battery.

Negative Ground Wire from Battery to Frame:

Use at least a 0-gauge wire and place it directly under the factory ground strap that runs from the negative battery post to the frame of the vehicle. Grind away any extra paint on the frame to bare metal to allow the new, larger ring terminal to make complete contact with the frame.

Negative Ground Wire from Engine to Frame:

This will be almost the same as the “battery-to-frame” upgrade. Use at least a 0-gauge wire and place it directly under the ground strap that runs from the engine block to the frame. Grind away any extra paint on the frame to bare metal to allow the new, larger ring terminal to make complete contact with the frame. In some vehicles, a ground strap may run from the alternator casing to the frame. It would be a good idea to upgrade this if your car has it.

Positive Power Wire from Alternator to Battery:

Use at least a 0-gauge wire and place it under the factory ring terminal on the power stud on the side of the alternator. Run this wire to the positive battery post, and be cautious not to route it where it will contact hot engine components or moving parts, such as auxiliary belts. Fusing this wire near the alternator is also a good idea for added protection in case it gets damaged. This will blow a fuse and allow the factory system to continue operating.

With this upgrade, drivers can expect improved efficiency, better-starting capability, and increased overall power output from their engines.

The Benefits Of Big 3 Upgrades

The Big 3 upgrade can serve as an effective way to improve the performance of a vehicle’s electrical system.

The installation involves using higher grade gauge wire and copper lugs designed to handle more power than standard factory wiring components.

These upgraded wires will also be thicker, allowing for better current flow and, thus, improved overall performance.

Ultimately, this modification is beneficial because it results in enhanced fuel economy or additional horsepower, making it an attractive option for those looking to make their vehicles faster and more efficient.

What To Look For In A Wiring Upgrade Kit

When considering a big three-wiring upgrade kit, looking for one that includes everything needed for the job is essential. A good kit should consist of quality copper wire in different sizes, lugs, and terminals designed to fit securely. It should also include fuse holders, crimps, heat shrink tubing, and other necessary components.

Additionally, the kit should have detailed instructions on installing each part of the wiring upgrade safely and correctly. All components within the equipment should be high-quality, rated for long-term use, and able to handle large amounts of electrical current without overheating or shorting out.

With all these considerations taken into account when shopping for an upgrade kit, DIYers can feel confident they have chosen a product that will meet their needs effectively while providing safe installation results.


The Big Three wiring upgrade kit is essential for any enthusiast looking to improve their vehicle’s electrical system.

This type of installation offers many benefits, such as enhanced performance and improved reliability.

The key to ensuring a successful installation lies in selecting the right components and following proper assembly instructions.

With the right tools, knowledge, and patience, this DIY project can be completed with relative ease, resulting in better overall power delivery from your car’s charging system.