Testimonials | Hear From JS Alternator Customers

This thing works GREAT!!! I'm glad I chose to do business with your company.. Your PRODUCT is top notch and the same goes for your customer service! THANK YOU for all your help from getting me the right alternator to answering a few technical questions I had.. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK - Michael Melissa Crum "Outstanding - high quality, high amperage alternators with equally impressive warranty and customer service. I have no reason to look elsewhere. JS for the Win!" Robert Bo G. "I have ran JS Alts for 4 years, they are very dependable strong Alts! I've broken several world records and won several world championships with them! Customer service is excellent also!" Joe P. "JS has been great!! They deliver fast build time, quick shipping, and great customer service. I will be a lifelong JS customer, that's for sure! " Austin S. "I have been using JS Alternators for 5 years now and I have never had a company that stands so firm behind their product. I will also add that I never had an alt fail on me in all 5 years of using their product. The owner stands behind his product and is a true professional when dealing with him." David S. "Awesome product. Keeps my voltage on point. I recommend to everyone to buy with JS. Also has great customer service !" Ryan C. "Js Alternators has great customer service. Any questions I have about wiring they answer in a quick and timely fashion. I run their alternators in my daily vehicles and competition vehicles!" William W. "Hmm I have a lot to say, but to sum it up - JS has an unbelievable level of customer service that goes above and beyond whats expected. The cost and level of performance is unbeatable! And he has a HOT girlfriend, haha!!" Johnny S. "Customer Service is "TOP NOTCH!" Great company to deal with, if you're looking for a high power alternator look no further!" Jonathon S. "Best price, best customer service, best product. Its a WIN, WIN, WIN all the way around!" Brian I. "Wouldn't go any other route in my builds. Great customer service to match a great product!" QK W. "Your best bet for high performance and top quality alternators!" Rodyney Z. “You guys have the best alternators I have ever used! I'm pumped, I just got my second alternator in the mail today. JS Alternators are the real deal people! Fast service, too!” Curtis S. “My cars lights no longer dim and over 3000 watts in the system, it’s fantastic! I’m just honestly grateful for such spectacular service and products. Thanks JS Alternators." Greg D. "Fantastic service, I must say! Awesome power at quite an affordable cost! Good stuff indeed. I will be buying again!" Damon V. "I got an alternator from Js Alternators for my Nissan - since then my sound system is pumping, there is more consistency to my operation and I have you guys to thank for that. I’m blown away by their awesome service too! I recommend JS Alternators anytime, any day!" Lenny T. "I normally don't bother myself with going on to leave feedback comments on goods purchased but I have to make an exception in this case. I ordered a 240 amp alternator sometime last year. My voltage has been steady above 14 volts since upgrading. It is one of the best improvements I have done for my car." Stanley A. "I recently installed two of your 320 amp alternators on my Tahoe and a 240 amp on my Toyota. It’s amazing the clear cut power difference I've observed! Thank you for your hard work and quality products! I’m sold and highly recommend your product!" Hugh C.

Experience Excellence in Automotive Power Solutions with a High output alternators

JS Alternators offers a wide range of high-performance alternators designed to deliver maximum power and reliability. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and easy installation, our products are built to last and ensure your vehicle never runs out of electricity, even in the most demanding situations. Explore our collection and unleash the power today!

Unleash the Power WITHIN

Our high output alternators are specifically designed to meet the demanding power requirements of various applications, such as heavy-duty trucks, recreational vehicles, off-road vehicles, and marine vessels. With superior performance and durability, our alternators provide a reliable and long-lasting power source, even in the most challenging environments.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our alternators are handcrafted with precision and built to last. With top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, each alternator is rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance and reliability. We utilize advanced technologies and rigorous testing procedures to ensure that our alternators not only meet but exceed industry standards, delivering exceptional performance

Installation Made Easy

Most JS Alternators are Plug-N-Play with easy One-Wire Installation. We provide comprehensive installation instructions and resources to make the installation process seamless. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional installation, our detailed guides and expert advice will assist you every step of the way.